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Research Projects

Current Research Projects of the ATCS Team

The project are carried out at the FZI. For more information, details and more projects please visit the homepage of the FZI



Evaluation of integrated eMobility, Spitzencluster Elektromobilität

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Human Brain Project (EU)

Subproject Neurorobotics

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Automated Parking and Charging, Spitzencluster Elektromobilität

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Green Navigation (BMBF)

Energie efficient and safe driving strategies, Spitzencluster Elektromobilität

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Intermodal eMobiliy Management

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ReTivU (BMWi)

Real Testing in virtual Environment

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Cognitiv Car, Semiautonomous Driving

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Flexible, mobile service robot for assistance in everyday life

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OpEneR (EU)

Optimal Energy consumption and Recovery based on a system network

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Recently finished projects

EFA 2014 II (BMBF)

Energy efficient driving (BMBF)

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viEMA (BMWi)

Networked, information-based learning and implementation strategies for autonomous assembly workflows



Test- and integration platform for energy efficient driving

CommRob (EU)

Advanced behaviour and high-level multimodal communication with and among robots

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DEXterous and autonomous dual-arm/hand robotic manipulation with sMART sensory-motor skills: A bridge from natural to artificial cognition

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Germany Service Robotics Initiativ

Enabling key technologies for service robots

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